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Toyota Corolla / Sprinter AE86

Toyota Corolla / Sprinter AE86

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Toyota Corolla AE86

Toyota Sprinter AE86

Mako Motorsport cluster mounts enable you to effortlessly install the aftermarket dash display of your choice.

Our mount kits are a direct bolt-in replacement for the original vehicle cluster and are designed to follow the dimensions and contours of the original unit resulting in a flawless installation finish.

All mount kits are produced in ABS material using fused deposition modelling technology resulting in components with:

  • Excellent thermal performance in both high temperature and sub-zero environments
  • Durability and strength with high impact resistance
  • Minimal weight

 Standard and recessed mount options are available for all displays, space permitting. 

Note that any of the larger mounts that have the shroud removed on the top or bottom to accommodate a larger display are not guaranteed to fit seamlessly into your car. Often they will require the dash surround trim to be trimmed or removed to be able to see indicator lights or the entire screen. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Please note that the buttons on the cluster surround trim will no longer work with this mount as they are part of the OEM cluster.

If further customization is required please view our customized cluster builder to truly make the mount your own.

Additional options include:

  • Integrated LED lights such as indicators, high/low beam, fuel warning, parking brake, and ABS
  • Provisions for aftermarket 52mm and 60mm gauges

Build Your Dash Now

If a mounting kit for your selected dash display is not available please get in contact with us to discuss our custom mount design services.